Membership Application

(Please read carefully before you fill this frm)

1. The complimentary Schools Association of Kenya is a network dedicated to serving schools in the urban informal settlement, with a view to bringing legal frame work in collaboration with the Ministry of Education stakeholders.

2. CSAK Membership is open to all learning institutions in Kenya who identify with its vision, mission, goals and objectives and are prepared to abide by its constitution and rules.

3. CSAK Membership is subject to payment of the prescribed registration fee of Kshs.2,000.00 which is Nonrefundable payable to our bank account 01134528020300 - Co-operative Bank, Co-op House branch.

4. The applicant institution must be offering an organized and systematic learning to pupils/students. It must meet all the relevant guidelines as stipulated in the policies governing the running of such institutions.

5. The applicant school should be housed in leased, rented premises privately owned land or government/community land.

6. CSAK member shall pay a yearly subscription of Kshs.3,000.00

have read, understood and accepted to abide by the laid down guidelines and the information I am filling in this form is/are true to the best of my knowledge.

Here is the application form