Complimentary Schools Association of Kenya is a network dedicated to serving institution in Urban Informal Settlement, with a view to bringing legal framework in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other Education stakeholders.

Complimentary Schools Association of Kenya is writing in response to your need in joining an Association which caters for your needs as a Institution manager or owner. This Association which I hope shall be yours too, has been in existence for more than three years now serving complimentary schools, which you might be well know.
Complimentary Schools Association of Kenya has the skills and network, that can drive your Institution to a new level of efficiency and performance that is if you participate in association activities in all our calendar events. The Association might not be the Teacher or the driver you need or the overdraft, nor loan you are urgently in need of, but we can organize for you to seat with people, we can provide the solution to your needs.

One most important objective of Complimentary is to see. Institution managers, coming together with other members to fight common challenges facing our Institution, should be the most urgent reason for us to be together.
We need each other in numbers resources, because if we are not careful, we might regret much later.
We have two most urgent exercise, which we have to do before the end of the year 2013. Mapping for our Institution, which is being sponsored by concern worldwide in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Complimentary Schools Association is paramount at this time of changes in Education sector. Another one is minimum standard requirement for our Institution Registration in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The Egton document, we are talking about is now at the Senior Management desk at the Ministry of Education as per the document panel action plan.

You as a Manager/Director or Institution Owner need to be part of this Association, so as to maximize the benefit to your Institution. look forward to recruiting your institution to membership, kindly call tlf.° above telephone numbers for any information..

Word from the chairman